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Reputation is the most important intangible asset for any business. And, if reputation has always been relevant, with the digital revolution it has become the strategic basis of any operation.   


Reputation is the result of the rational and emotional evaluation that preferred audiences have of the brand or organization. And this evaluation is formed mainly from "what" and "how" the company communicates. This includes all touchpoints, from the effective delivery of your products and services to the customer experience, through employee engagement and social action.  


According to several academic studies, a good reputation, built on systematic communication actions, generates concrete results in attracting and retaining customers, differentiating the market, attracting and retaining talent, attracting investments and generating a reserve of goodwill.  According to research cited in Forbes USA , executives point out that it accounts for 63% of a brand's value.


The good news is that reputation can (and should) be managed. And Engage! specializes in building and defending reputations. We have tools, experienced professionals, successful cases and proprietary methodology to monitor and manage the reputation of brands and organizations: an innovative model of action for agencies. And, importantly, we love a challenge.

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