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Reputational Diagnosis

Customized analysis of the reputation of a company, brand or organization. Combine qualitative and quantitative surveys, exploratory interviews, desk research and social listening.

Strategic planning

From the assessment of the client’s goals and communication practices, build action axes for reputation, from narratives, personas and key messages to priority channels and multidisciplinary activation proposals.


Creation of a set of narratives, stances and activations, aiming at giving visibility to the purpose of a brand or organization and strengthening its reputation.

Alignment of Purpose

All narratives, messages and special activations are realigned from the definition of the purpose from a brand or organization, aiming at expanding its exposure and reputation.


Relationship with Media Outlets

Way beyond the traditional media relations, we build engaging narratives based on current trends and discussions to strengthen their reputation from presence in the media.

Internal communication

Full solutions for engaging employees and strategic partners, with focus on reputation management and changes of attitude. Consulting, strategic planning, special activations, construction and deployment of channels, contents and qualifications.

Activation and Engagement of Influencers

Identification of profiles from digital influencers most aligned with each brand and activation. Programs for engaging influencers. Special activations (paid and earned).

Communication Training Sessions

Broad training portfolio, from customized media training sessions to the preparation of speakers and commercial teams.

Brand Content 
Social Media

Development of text and artwork for communication of brands in social media profiles. Contents created from the combination of the client’s goals with interests from the target audience and characteristics of the digital platform. Activation of digital advertising plans and partnerships for expanding the dissemination of contents.


Risk Mapping

Assessment of physical, operational, communication and management aspects with potential to generate risks to reputation

Crisis Communication

Prepares the organization to adequately prevent and manage the communication of possible crisis situations, considering all channels and points of contact.

Risk Communication

From risk mapping, preventive and reactive actions, messages and flows are developed to minimize and manage situations of risk to reputation from integrated communication.

Qualification for Defense of Reputation

Full portfolio of training sessions focused on reputation crisis management, including from spokespeople to managers and frontline professionals. Periodical simulations of crisis scenarios for measuring the power and time to respond from the teams.

Critical Event Communication Plan

Prepares the organization to adequately prevent and manage the communication of possible critical events in all channels, from press to social media, going through targeted communication and internal channels.

Crisis Management

Development of strategy, messages and contents for communication in crisis situations on different channels – press, social media, internal outlets, influencers.


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